New Year, New Me, Same Mission

The last I posted, way back in September, I was frustrated with the lack of action by my fellow travelers. We are, after all, facing the greatest crisis humanity has ever faced. That is not hyperbole, indeed it may be impossible to exaggerate the severity of our situation. That said, the post was long on problems and short on solutions.

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Back and Forward

The thing is, we can’t save the world an inch at a time. We need real, radical change. Not in the next decade, not in the next year, not even in the next month. We need it now, because yesterday would have been better but it has come and gone.

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The Beginning At The End

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It is summer, but the morning air is cool in those hours right before the sun decides to rise. This is Chester’s favorite time of day since he retired. He has the city to himself, sharing it only with the underpaid, overworked men thrown a pittance to clean up after the college kids once the bars have closed for their day. He did that once, crawling out of bed at an ungodly hour to sweep sidewalks, hose them down, and hopefully not slip in some punk’s puke. Continue reading “The Beginning At The End”

New Poem: Without a Script

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I’m always down for some direct action. I’m always down to be heard. I’m down for stopping traffic and annoying the fuck out of people who cannot be bothered.
But I am only down for that if it is with purpose. Bitching just to bitch is fine, but wasting good movement energy because you as an individual want to be heard is bullshit. Most aren’t like this, some are, and this poem is for them. Continue reading “New Poem: Without a Script”